21st November 2019

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CorrosionRADAR is proudly leading the transition of industry into comprehensive and predictive corrosion management in line with Industry 4.0.

Powered by industry leading detection range and powerful predictive analytics, CorrosionRADAR leverages cutting edge, patented distributed sensing networks and next-generation IIoT capabilities.

CorrosionRADAR’s system significantly reduces both the Corrosion management costs as well as the risk of a loss of containment incident which poses a risk to safety, the environment and profitability.

With successful installations at some of the world largest chemical and refining complexes across three continents, CorrosionRADAR are primed for rapid growth alongside the right investor.

Greengage is an agritech business delivering intensive livestock farmers with reduced production costs, higher yields and improved animal welfare through the scientific application of Lights, Sensors and Data.

The Lights provide the perfect spectrum, intensity, photoperiod and distribution of light for the animals.  The Sensors gather critical production and welfare data from the whole flock/herd. Data Analytics improves performance.

Data from Sensors is the ultimate prize. Greengage algorithms will provide farmers with early stage disease warning, performance and welfare analytics.

This is game changing technology for Precision Livestock Farming.  

HiETA Technologies is a product development and production company specialised in the use of Additive Manufacturing (metal 3-D printing). Our specific expertise is in thermal management and light-weighting. The company was founded by Mike Adams, a serial entrepreneur with experience in the implementation of automated systems and change management, and Drummond Hislop, a development economist with an engineering background and a long-standing interest in carbon-reducing, thermally efficient engine systems.

HiETA is now highly regarded as a world-class product development company and boasts an enviable list of blue-chip customers.

HiETA is unique in offering true end-to-end services in additive manufacturing and has now proved that it can take clean-sheet ideas through engineering development and into series production.

Kelda Technology has created the world’s most efficient shower system, designed and manufactured in the UK.

Their mission is to transform the way we use water, for the better.

Kelda aim to revolutionise methods of delivering water for the good of our planet. Over a quarter of the world’s population is already facing water shortages and drought. Kelda is responding to urgent challenges by applying cutting edge science and engineering expertise to developing clean sustainable technologies.

Kelda uses British made innovation to disrupt stagnant thinking and change the global mindset. Their Triple-E Technology can be tailored to meet business goals: Experience, Efficiency or Ecology.

The next generation of Kelda Technology shower systems feature a SMART Control Hub incorporating digital microprocessor and fan that controls and propels the optimum flow of water and air to our patented E3 shower head. Within the innovative shower head, water is injected into the air and accelerated out of one of 5 jet-type nozzles to create a powerful and versatile spray.

Unlike any other model, a Kelda shower system can be tailored to: 1) deliver 2.4 times the power of a traditional shower, for any given flow rate; or 2) provide an invigorating shower experience, using up to 50% less water.

MedicSpot combines the best advantages of online and offline provision of healthcare by creating a network of remote diagnostic stations in pharmacies across the UK.

MedicSpot's technology allows 75% more conditions to be treated through digital healthcare and introduces an unparalleled level of clinical safety.

Growing revenue quickly, MedicSpot is already available nationwide and will be available from 350 locations within the next 6 months.

SAVORTEX Limited is an award winning Technology manufacturer.  In partnership with Intel, the company has designed and manufactured in the UK, the lowest energy use,  and worlds first Smart- Advertising hand-drying technology for the commercial washroom sector. 

The adDryer uses just 1/3rd of the energy compared to traditional dryers (such as Dyson), and uses in-built sensor to monitor dryer usage and washroom footfall in real-time, then wirelessly reporting the data to the web for analytics, alerting cleaners to washroom inspections based on actual footfall. The adDryer engages users with tailored, high-definition video messages, allowing businesses to use real data to push content and drive additional revenue streams.

The Shadow Robot Company is one of UK’s leading robotics developers, experts at grasping and manipulation for robotic hands. Shadow has worked with companies and researchers all over the world, looking at new ways to apply robotics technologies to solve real problems. They develop and sell the Dexterous Hand (recently used in AI research) and the Modular Grasper (an essential tool for supporting industry 4.0 and service robots). Their new Teleoperation System is being developed for space (the AVATAR X programme), making it their third collaboration with a space agency, with the first two being NASA and ESA (European Space Agency).



TRIK is an enterprise software solution that allows efficient use of drone photography for structural inspection. It automatically turns drone photo feeds into an interactive 3D model, which can be measured and annotated. The 3D model created also doubles as a database allowing you to search for photos, draw additional data, detect structural changes and create maintenance projects directly from our platform. The company was established in 2015 by Pae Natwilai, a former oil and gas inspection and maintenance engineer, who was named as one of the rising stars in the Forbes 30 under 30. Trik has since received funding and support from institutions such as Ordnance Survey, InnovateUK, and the Royal Academy of Engineering, as well as entering into a partnership with Department for Transport to digitise rail and infrastructure in the UK. 

UniKLasers manufactures high-performance Single Frequency Diode Pumped Solid State lasers.

The company is focused on delivering their unique leading technology to Semiconductor/Microchip manufacturing metrology, Life Sciences, VR/AR & Security Holography, UV LiDAR and the fast-emerging Quantum Technologies commercial market in financial, life science research, aerospace and military sectors.

Using its proprietary patented technology UniKLasers offers competitive prices, whilst keeping high profit margins and enabling technologies awaiting new wavelengths and higher powers.

UniKLasers is an active player in the UK National Quantum Technologies programme and was awarded with 3 significant Innovate UK grants to lead QT commercialisation projects. These projects build on UniKLasers’ products making them suitable for use in commercial Optical Lattice Clocks, awaited by Critical Satellite Subsystems, High Speed Synchronisation of Financial Exchange Servers, GPS Navigational Systems & Research.

Recently, UniKLasers won another Innovate UK grant for UK Consortium project led by an end-user company.



Vestemi is a new technology product company with a social purpose. Founded in 2018, our vision is to create simple, effective consumer products that make energy savings easy and accessible to everyone. We believe that empowering our customers through the use of technology is the most effective way to sustain lasting action on climate change.’  Radbot is Vestemi’s first carbon saving product.  Radbot is a smart radiator valve that saves energy by not heating rooms when they are not occupied.  Radbot delivers;

SIMPLE DESIGN - Easy to fit, no wifi connection and no complex heating controls.

SMART TECHNOLOGY - an intelligent device that learns your needs.

GENUINE ENERGY SAVINGS - Reduces waste & cost by decreasing heating in unused rooms.

FOR EVERYONE - Accessible technology at an affordable price.

Witt Limited, a Gloucester based company with an accomplished Chairman and CEO, has developed a scalable patented innovative transmission system (the “WITT”), that converts naturally occurring motion in any direction into rotational motion, for the production of electrical power.  There are multiple applications across the Commercial, Consumer, Defence, Marine and Oil& Gas sectors, ranging from a small device fitted in the base of a backpack to generate power from human motion to marine devices that can generate power both subsea and on the surface.  The Company is now engaging with global corporates to exclusively license the WITT technology into specific markets.