21st November 2019

Leonardo Royal Hotel Tower Bridge (formerly Grange Hotel)
45 Prescot Street, London E1 8GP


The Playroom

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Antstream is the World’s first retro game streaming subscription service, enabling gamers to enjoy 1000’s of video games instantly on any device using the latest on-demand streaming technologies. Antstream does for games what Spotify and Netflix have done for music and movies.


Audiopi is a new and innovative educational resource which produces tailor made audio tutorials to aid students and teachers, both inside and outside the classroom. 

Our tutorials are written by top teachers, academics and chief examiners to deliver the best possible content to students in the UK and internationally. 

Our mission is to inform, stimulate and inspire students, to get to the heart of what GCSE and A Level study is all about. 

For more information visit www.audiopi.co.uk


Fox Robotics is at the front of innovation in Robotics technology. Our start-up company has founded on November 2017, with a vision to establish our products and solutions at the front end of robotics. Our company is dedicated to solve fundamental problems across multiple areas such logistics, manufacturing, aerospace,   health sectors, retail  transport of goods (from manufacturing parts to nuclear waste) with a clear and focus to detail, easy to use robotics solutions and risk reduction on Cyber security and health and safety.

Fox Robotics core team comprises talented Robotics, Electronics, Software developers, Cyber security engineers, marketing experts and mentoring from Britbots a leading investment fund in Robotics, this unique combination will allow our company to become extremely attractive and competitive in an industry that has the highest potential not seen since the computing revolution.

Fox Robotics market proposition has a unique and very attractive combination due the unification of opportunities largely ignored on Robotics and industry.

Service Robotics Ltd is the brainchild of Rob Parkes and Tim Morgan, both seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders, who set it up to bring Robotics-as-a-Service to the UK  public. They are launching Genie Connect®, an intelligent, personalised, robot companion service supporting extended independent living with companionship & memory stimulation software for older adults. Realtime video calls connect the user to a dedicated 24x7 Service Centre with a voice command.

Locomizer, an award-winning provider of location data and algorithms that matches the people to places, is used by organisations worldwide to discover and focus on the right places, audiences and demographics.  Locomizer’s patented technology delivers location insights and analysis to support better decision-making and targeting for operational and marketing executives. This includes global brands and outdoor advertising/media agencies to media owners and commercial real estate firms.  To learn more visit www.locomizer.com

Magpie Education has developed a series of kits to help inspire Computing & STEM learning in UK schools.

We bring together the best robotics, AR/VR, AI and unplugged activities - with a focus on Project Based Learning that opens up an engaging world of physical computing, where learners experience the joy of creating.

Our kits are supported by lesson plans and videos, all mapped back to the national curriculum, in our Planning and Assessment app.

MakerClub teach future skills through hands-on making. Our kits contain everything a young inventor needs to learn how to program real-world inventions and our network of after-school club includes 3D printers and laser cutters which allows members to invent true IoT devices.

Mallzee Insights helps retailers and brands improve their gross margin through produce testing. With over 1.5m users of our apps we let companies launch new products in a real shopping environment before they make stock decisions. This approach has helped companies of all sizes improve their gross margins by between 2.8 and 6.11%. 

We already count some of the biggest retailers in the UK as our clients and since launched have raised nearly £5m. 

 In a retail market where 50.9% of products are sold at a discount it is our mission to help companies significantly improve this rate through better stock decisions whilst at the same time helping consumers find products they’ll love from a range of brands and retailers. With retail discounting a global problem we are confident the Mallzee Insights solution can change the face of retail forever. 


Reality 01 is pioneering a virtual-reality capture device which allows physical objects in the real world to be ported to become equivalent objects within augmented-reality (AR) and virtual-reality (VR). Their process begins by taking images captured from 3D scanners that are then reconstructed into useable 3D models on the cloud which then, in turn, are streamed to 3D headsets, tablets or other devices using Reality 01’s unique software. Their technologies have been utilized with great success by museums and galleries in the past, for example scanning Grayson Perry Ceramics for the Victoria Miro. This is an extremely promising space to grow in, as there are countless artefacts and works of art around the world available for VR scanning in heritage institutions.In the future, Reality 01 anticipates that their technologies could add great value to retail – through showcasing physical products within remote virtual environments. As such, Reality 01 have done some work with Nike, demonstrating how their technology can be used to capture and manipulate their trainers onto AR and VR platforms.



ZOA Robotics is pioneering the development of a low-cost robot platform, enabling the automation of industrial inspections using highly mobile four-legged robots. The Company’s founder, Thiago Azevedo, is a proven entrepreneur with previous experience in the robotics industry. Along with his technical team, ZOA Robotics have already created impressive initial prototypes of the product. It is anticipated that future iterations of the robots will be particularly applicable to tasks that require the movement of items around uneven and hazardous environments, such as industrial and commercial sites.  There is increasing evidence of labour shortages for low-skill workers in these sectors.  ZOA Robotics is looking to use automation to fill this commercially-attractive labour vacuum, and will initially be operating a “robotics-as-a-service” model with high gross margins.