21st November 2019

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Aergo Ltd. has created the world’s most adaptable postural support system, Aergo Seating. It uses a network of patent-pending air cells to actively support individuals of all shapes and sizes. With automatic and user controlled modes, Aergo offers customisable support for a range of physical conditions and is the first device of its kind to proactively adapt to user’s shifts in sitting position throughout the day. Instead of being fixed in a static position, users can initiate air cycling between pockets to relieve pressure and prevent the development of pressure ulcers. Central to Aergo’s innovation is the pressure-sensitive air cells, which, as modular units, can be adapted to any weight-supporting surfaces. Going beyond clinical applications, Aergo aims to manage spinal health and the sitting comfort of office workers, truck drivers and more to expand its global health impact.


Genius Drinks makes functional sophisticated non alcoholic drinks which satisfy as if they were alcoholic. They also replace the nutrients that alcohol depletes, by incorporation of our proprietary formulation, Prelixir®. Our core target market is the 41% of UK adults who say they are actively trying to reduce their alcohol consumption, mainly for health reasons. Our flagship brand, Botonique, specifically targets the 60% whose favourite drink is wine. Botonique helps wine lovers both PACE their drinking and REPLACE nutrients. In this it is utterly unique. 

The company has been instrumental in developing the Mindful Drinking movement, and the new Low and No Alcohol retail category.



Brain Füd is the natural alternative to artificial energy drinks. We combine plant-based caffeine, B-vitamins, and electrolytes to create functional drinks that taste great, and give you a lift, all without any added sugar, sweeteners, or artificial ingredients. 

At The Brook, we're making plant-based feasting fun, accessible and extremely tasty for a flexitarian, environmentally-conscious generation.  Based on recipes developed in our award-winning restaurant, we've created a range of prepared meals, desserts and cooking sauces to show how incredible plant-based food can be.  Our focus on flavours associated with a 'traditional' palette has won us a customer base that is predominantly non-vegan, along with 3 Great Taste gold stars.  After launching the range on our website early this year we secured our 1st retail listings in March with the East of England Co-op, Fenwick and Dobbies.  We're also working with the UK's largest pub chain to develop their vegan menu.  We're currently raising investment to support our growth and to ensure we develop strong awareness of our brand as we grow.

ChewyMoon delivers simple and nutritious snack options that satisfy sometimes-picky kids as well as their busy parents. Completely natural, refined-sugar free and a ‘must be loved by kids’ approach are the cornerstones of our philosophy. 

Chewymoon has made ground-breaking innovations within kids snacking by using 100,000 sets of data collected from paying customers. These innovations include 100% ambient school-approved cheese snacks, Moonbucks: Chewymoon’s own currency that kids can transact with online and the creation of over 150 ‘Moona’ characters. In bridging the gap between health and engagement within kids’ snacks Chewymoon has shown both leadership and initiative.


Fighter Shots are natural superfood energy shots in environmentally friendly glass bottles.  Fighter Shots fights for an all natural and versatile energy shot alternative that boosts your energy in a healthy and sustainable way. These super healthy shots are meant to increase focus, reduce fatigue and are an excellent alternative to coffee.

FreshTag is developing a sustainably produced, food packaging solution to eliminate food waste and reduce our dependence on plastic-based ?lms and packaging and on unreliable “Use-by” dates. Through a color-coding system, it indicates continuing freshness of the food contained within the packaging. Once the food begins to decay, emissions are detected by the packaging, which changes color, indicating the food should only then be disposed of. This means that adopting FreshTag can lead to a packaging system being more efficient and sustainable, reducing food waste while maintaining food safety.

Haptic Illusion provides solutions for better and cheaper medical training. Our product is an integration of patented tactile technology and VR/AR system. It is an immersive way for the medical schools and hospitals to carry out medical training. 

As UK medical students rose by 25% in 2018, there is still a 10% shortage of doctors. We need a more efficient way to train doctors.
With our simulation training system, the medical student can practice whatever disease they want without the need of extra medical mentors or real patients. With investment we can bring medical training to a higher level.

Inhaler+ is a concept for an efficient inhaler for asthma and COPD sufferers. Addresses the problem with the wrong technique during using a common metered-dose inhaler, also known as MDI, used to deliver medication into the lungs. The solution provides benefits of a metered-dose inhaler combined with a spacer. The included spacer increases the effectivity of each dose of the medicine. The concept is designed to help people discreetly control their asthma without the necessity to carry current asthma spacers, which are bulky and inconvenient. Compact shape with openable mouthpiece protects the inhaler of impurities.

Kailani improves on what’s good about ice tea and gets rid of the bad. It incorporates an attractive brand, a healthy, great tasting drink with natural ingredients and sustainable, plastic free packaging.

The name comes from Hawaii, where Kailani means Sea and Sky and reflects a general sense of wellbeing and enjoyment of life.  

We currently have three flavours: Black tea & lemon, White tea & peach, Green tea, lime & ginger. All our drinks have: No added sugar No artificial ingredients Less than 50 calories per bottle. Unlike most soft drinks, we use glass instead of single use plastic bottles.  

Lost Coast Food Co.’s aim is to produce great tasting food and drinks that make it easy for consumers to choose the healthy option. Our company has two multi-award winning brands: 

Andean Sol – A range of superfoods from the Andean region of South America in innovative spout pouch packaging, Andean Sol is a top selling brand of Organic Chia Seeds and Organic Royal Quinoa on Ocado.

Lost Coast - A new brand of “healthier for you” sparkling soft drinks with added functional benefits. Our first products under Lost Coast are our “Lost Coast Fruit Spritzer + ACV” beverages that are a delicious blend of sparkling water, fruit juices, and botanicals with a dash of apple cider vinegar. The drinks are low sugar/low calorie and currently available in 3 flavours in 330ml glass bottles. 

My grandmother Mrs Balbir Singh was a pioneering female-force in both the teaching and writing of the art of Indian cookery. I’m excited to have started a company that celebrates and I hope builds on her amazing achievements. In doing so I believe I am taking her legacy and what is a very special part of India’s culinary heritage to an even wider audience.

In my own way I hope to continue her passion of empowering people to making both the preparation and partaking of mealtimes truly special. She instilled such skill and also personal confidence to the students in her classes that people still write to me today expressing their thanks to her. I hope that you not only embrace the wonderful experience that is Indian home cookery, but also like my grandmother really enjoy the sharing of wonderful dishes with family and friends alike around your dining table.

Family Secret simply began with the question, “Will you marry me?” Thankfully she said, “Yes.” We soon got married and embarked on a honeymoon adventure that took us to some amazing places such as Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia etc…. We spoke to people from different walks of life who shared their family secret recipes and guess what we bought this back to the UK and launched a range of 7 cooking sauces which are low fat, low sugar, low calories, no nasties, along with this is our new first to market new Mini Poppadoms, Mini Prawn Crackers, Mini Thai Crackers and Dips.

Nix & Kix make great tasting drinks without added sugars or sweeteners for the growing craft adult soft drinks market. The drinks are stocked in supermarket chains Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury's as well as Ocado and restaurant chains such as Wagamama.

Over 75% of agricultural crops worldwide rely on insects for pollination to ensure increased yields at harvest. In many cases, farmers will rent or purchase commercial beehives during the bloom season (over £2bn spent per year on hives). However, the total demand for insect-pollinated crops is increasing five times as fast as the available hives. Add to this that the number of wild pollinators is steadily declining and there is a direct risk to many crops that threatens food security.

Olombria uses advanced natural chemical signalling and mapping technologies to choreograph the behaviour of hoverflies (the second-largest pollinating insect group), providing a precision pollination system for growers which optimises their crop yield at harvest.

We are on a mission to make snacking much more exciting. Purely has been created to bring more adventure to your taste buds. We banish the boring and celebrate tasty, delicious and mind-blowingly good flavours. Starting with our nutritious plantain chips sourced from the vibrant culture of Ecuador, we want you to open, crunch and experience a sense of adventure in every bite. 

Real food. Proper ingredients. No nasties. With every chip, we bring you the taste of traditional recipes made with passion with a Purely twist. 30% less fat than potato crisps, high in fibers and potassium, Purely bridges the gap between indulgency and health.

Since launching 2 years ago, Purely in now stocked in all the major departments stores from Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason, Harrods as well as Ocado and more than 100 selected stores and independents in the UK.

ROCKETO is probably the healthiest pet products on the market. By following the latest scientific research on dogs’ wellbeing a pan-European science team calibrated a certified organic, raw-convenient and low-carb dog food which can help to fight severe health problems or get fido into the highest performance state.
ROCKETO is on the mission to be the most sustainable pet company, and today we are looking for visionary investment partners who could help to disrupt pet industry with the world’s first personalized data-based nutrition powered by robotics and bespoke software technology.

Vieve is disrupting the sports nutrition market with a game-changing new protein drink which is water based, packed with 20g protein, zero sugar, dairy free and superior in taste to anything else on the market. Our aim, is to make sports nutrition more accessible to a mass market audience through our hydrating, on-the-go fruit flavoured protein waters.

Since launching 2 years ago the brand has made substantial progress in becoming the UK’s #1 protein water and is currently stocked in over 150 outlets across the UK as well as major retailers such as Ocado & Amazon. As well, the brand exports to over 18 different market across Europe, Middle East & Asi,a with an aim to launch in the USA in 2020. The brand has received over 200+ 5 star reviews and major press including Women’s Health, Daily Express, The Guardian, Telegraph & Forbes.