21st November 2019

Leonardo Royal Hotel Tower Bridge (formerly Grange Hotel)
45 Prescot Street, London E1 8GP


10.00am An innovative property investment solution

Justin Stewart, founder of Think Property Finance, will hold an interactive session on how bridging finance is providing investors with a tested residential property investment solution that works.  This will be of considerable interest to buy-to-let investors and their advisers who are now looking for an alternative way to get less capital intensive and lower risk exposure to this part of the property market. 

Background: Justin founded Think Property Finance in 2014. Acting initially as the sole investor, Justin has led the company through sustained growth, already having completed over 30 investments without any complications. This growth has led the company to increase its investment base, with Justin continuing to build his network of co-investors, property developers and professional property advisers.

11.00am Introductions from Conference Chair

Henry Whorwood from Beauhurst

11.10am Live interview

11.30am PANEL 1: Researching the future

What tools advisors need to use to understand how to spot the opportunities that will deliver the best returns.

12.00pm PANEL 2: Do the kids agree?

In context of rising levels of IHT liability, this panel will focus on the issues facing families looking to "get it right" when it comes to their heirs.

12.30pm Q&A and Closing comments followed by lunch

13.45pm Welcome back

13.50pm PANEL 3: Guiding the way through the BPR jungle

We are in a new world - how should advisers think in the context of tax planning. Expert advice on the pitfalls to avoid. 

14.20pm PANEL 4: Getting out when you want to

A fascinating debate on the challenge of exiting from a portfolio of alternative assets. 

14.50pm Closing comments, Audience discussion

15.05pm End of Conference